Safety against pornography and hate sites

Nothing replaces parental supervision and input, but these programs can help.   Discuss family ground rules for computer use with your children, along with how to handle themselves if they come across something on the net that's inappropriate. Another good idea, keep the computer in a room where you can see the sites your kids are surfing.

Iprotectyou - Internet filtering / parental control and network 
monitoring software that protects your kids from harmful information

Guiding Light Software - a full featured program that gives parents control and insight of the child's web surfing.

Familyclick - Make sure your kids are safe online with this sites great filtering program.

The Children's Browser - allows parents to easily allow or disallow sites.
Crayon Crawler
Only approved sites can be visited, parents can add to the list.
Crossing Guard
Free filtering, join their free web site to get it. Offers a web search that screens out inappropriate sites before you even see them.
Cyber Patrol
Cyber Patrol is software used to manage Internet access.
Cyber Snoop
Cyber Snoop shows you what information has been exchanged with your children by monitoring their on-line activity.
Cybersitter - gives the ability to limit children's access to objectionable material on the Internet.
Family Connect
Server-based internet filtering which blocks pornographic sites.
Server-based internet filtering which has individual user profiles and multiple access levels.
Internet Safety Switch
This is a keypad that attaches to your computer which can allow or disallow internet access.
Kid Control
Allows parents to monitor what their children type online or offline.
KidDesk Internet Safe
Quickly create a fun desktop for each child, then fill it with the Web sites and applications you feel are appropriate.
An easy to use browser geared for kids ages 4 up.
KidSafe Explorer
A children's web browser that allows parents/teachers to control which sites children may access.
Net For Kids
Allows parents to set exactly which web sites the kids can visit.
Net Nanny
Net Nanny monitors and blocks various inappropriate sites and subject matter defined by parents, teachers or supervisors.
Safe Explorer
Family browser with thousands of hand-picked family safe sites.
Surfin' Annette
A browser for kids that blocks sites based on words, phrases, and specific sites.
Allows the user to view the pictures that your computer user has been looking at. This allows parents, teachers or supervisors to see the information the computer has accessed.